The Best Time to Trade Binary Options

The Best Time to Trade Binary Options

I’d like to talk about one skill required for successful binary options trading, which in my option is only second in importance to self-discipline. That skill is TIMING! Knowing when you should trade, and knowing when you should NOT trade.

Most beginners, and many intermediate traders too,  tend to focus almost exclusively in finding a great strategy that just work and is profitable, disregarding almost completely about when to apply such strategies

We too, in the Chocolate Mousse team, back in the days when we first started looking for our way into Binary options, we found the hard way that time matters. It matters in such a big way, that I dare to say timing is even more important than the strategy itself.

I remember that back in my newbie’s days, I often found myself visually back testing some strategy on the charts, thinking that I had found the solution to all my financial worries, as it just seemed to win consistently. The excitement was always short lived, because each time I would begin trading the strategy on a live account, my capital would quickly start dissipating.

Even though we had read articles about ideal trading times for various currencies, this was always a grey area (and it still is to a big extent), because different traders had different opinions in regards, so we often dismissed it as a non-critical factor.

It was only a few months later, when we started to implement more sophisticated reporting, that we found that some of those strategies we played with in the early days where indeed profitable, but they were only profitable for a short time each day.

Some were profitable only for an hour per day, others for two or three hours per day, and rarely some strategy could even profit for 6-8 hours per day if traded with the right currency pair, but never more than that.

The hard-data we had in our hands was a major breakthrough for us, and it marked the beginning of a journey that took us into profitable territory, and eventually to the birth of the Chocolate Mousse service.

The best time to trade depends on the type of strategy, and on the currency being traded.
We can probably classify all binary option strategies into two top-level categories. 1) ranging market strategies and 2) trending market strategies.

At Chocolate Mousse we deal exclusively with ranging market strategies, which doesn’t mean that trending strategies are bad (they work great for many traders), it’s only that we had better initial results with ranging strategies, and consequently we ended up specializing in those.

Ranging strategies rely on flat markets, when the price moves following wave patterns and without generating major trends. This type of pattern tends to manifest itself more frequently when both of the markets associated to the traded currency are closed. For example when trading EURUSD, there will often be less volatility when both New York and Frankfurt are closed, so between 10 pm and 7 am GMT.

Having said that, we found that often the last opening hour of a pair can also be a great time to apply a ranging strategy. In the case of EURUSD this would be between 9pm and 10pm GMT. At this point in time Frankfurt is long closed, and things start to become quite in America too, with many traders being tired and stressed out, and just waiting to go home or to head down to the pub ???? So there is much less trend, but still there is some stability and control over the market, which keeps it somehow predictable.

But there is always a catch…

Even though on the long run we have been profitable trading the last hour of both EURUSD and GBPJPY over the years, this hour of the day can often become very unpredictable. Particular attention should be paid to world events. I’m not referring just about the usual economic news from the calendar, but to actual major world events, being these political, economical, military, or whatever, so long as they make a big news. From experience when something major is going on, the calm market that normally characterize this hour doesn’t manifest itself, and instead it continues trending or it just gets very messy. This sometimes can last for weeks in a row, as we learned the hard way.

All those day traders who instead prefer trending strategies, they usually want to trade when the markets are open.

I have heard people suggesting that the best trends are born when only one market of the traded pair is open, so that the price gets only pushed in one direction. I’m personally sceptical of such statement, because there are so many factors involved, still it may potentially apply for some currencies in some scenarios, and it deserves some testing. What most agree upon, is that it is not recommended to speculate on a trend when both markets are closed.

To conclude, I recommend that before trading any strategy with real money, you either visually back-test it on a chart or test it on a demo account for an extensive period of time, then take note of those hours that had the  best results, and once you go live only stick to those.

Another article will follow on how to properly back-test a strategy.


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    Mr. Boehner could face a rebellion from the House’s most fiscally conservative lawmakers, many of whom were elected with tea-party support. That would force Mr. Boehner to rely on Democrats to pass the Senate measure.

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    In a critical report, parliament’s Committees on Arms Export Controls said Britain had approved licences for weapons exports to 27 countries worth 12.3 billion pounds highlighting the “inherent conflict” between its arms exports policy and its human rights policy.

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    Alter said she should also be allowed to question Lisa Mehos about the procedure because “this is a woman who complains that she’s under great stress only caused by Mr. Mehos. I would be the first person to acknowledge that having an abortion, especially a two- to three-month late abortion, would be stressful.”

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    And heading into the fifth race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup on Saturday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway, one of the big questions is whether the clock is ticking on his hold on the series points lead.

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    Under SolarWorld’s debt restructuring deal, Qatar Solar willinvest 35 million euros in SolarWorld, becoming a 29-percentshareholder in the group, while existing shareholders will endup with 5 percent.

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    Who’s playing the best tonight? Give each Vancouver Canucks player a score out of 5 (5 being the best, 1 being the worst). If you don’t have an opinion about a player, leave them blank. Scroll down to see the average scores for each player for tonight’s game.

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    Having personally seen the Enterprise NCC-1701 and the Romulan Warbird up close, I cannot help but be impressed by the level of detail and shall certainly be clearing a space for the collection. When it comes to this particular part work series, “Resistance is futile.”. Issues one and two will be available until September 19th 2013.

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    “The Fifth Estate” follows Assange as WikiLeaks racks up its first successes as a conduit for whistleblowers from Africa to Iceland on the way to its biggest disclosure in 2010 of American intelligence: war logs from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and thousands of diplomatic cables.

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    “Tesla could teach GM how to ‘small’ a problem rather than’big’ a problem,” said Matthew Stover, auto analyst forGuggenheim Securities. “They’ve done that well – solve problemsquickly with a small group of people.”

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    My suggestion is La Tomatina in Buñol, just outside Valencia. It’s a huge tomato fight and the atmosphere is electric. There are lots of attempts to climb to the top of a greased pole to reach a ham, which signals the start of the festival (or it begins at 11am, whichever comes first). After the festival you have a traditional tapas meal and savour the atmosphere of Spain with people from all over the world.

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    Yellen made clear she would focus squarely on continuing theFed’s efforts to strengthen the economic recovery and to boostemployment – points that could rub some Republican lawmakers,who think the Fed has pumped too much money into the economy,the wrong way.

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    Greenpeace has said the protest was peaceful and that thepiracy charges were illegal and absurd. President Vladimir Putinhas said the activists were clearly not pirates but that theyhad violated international law.

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    Still, the UNHCR expects the situation for both internal and external Syrian refugees will only get worse, saying that “by the end of the year it is estimated that half of the population of Syria will be in need of aid. This includes an anticipated 3.45 million Syrian refugees and 6.8 million Syrians inside the country, many of whom will be displaced from their homes.”

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    Instead it was based on “fragile numbers, out-of-date data and assumptions which do not reflect real life” with no evidence it would aid regional economies not simply “suck” even more activity into London.

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    Given current assumptions about inflation, airlines using Heathrow now collectively face a rise in charges of about £900m – £300m more than if the CAA had stuck to its original plan to levy charges at RPI -1.3pc.

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    Mr Thompson, now chief executive at the New York Times, told the BBC in October 2010 that the pay-offs were made on the basis of their contracts – but the NAO revealed both were paid a year’s salary in lieu of notice, despite being paid for the majority of their notice period.

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    Meanwhile, Senghor gave his backing to coach Alain Giresse over the Frenchman's policy to select only players who are playing regular first-team football – a decision which has led to the omission of Chelsea striker Demba Ba.

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    SHANGHAI, Sept 27 (Reuters) – China has formally announceddetailed plans for a new free-trade zone (FTZ) in Shanghai,touted as the country’s biggest potential economic reform sinceDeng Xiaoping used a similar zone in Shenzhen to pry open aclosed economy to trade in 1978.

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