FAQ – SignalPush Service

FAQ – SignalPush Service

Q: What do you do exactly?

A: We provide a Binary Options signal service that allows our subscribers to have our quality trades placed directly into their broker’s account in near real time. We offer signals both through the SignalPush platform and through our direct service. This FAQ section is focused on our SignalPush service. For details on our Direct Signals service (three months free trial) please go to the Direct Signals page

Q: How can you copy your signals into my account?

A: We leverage SignalPush technology. SignalPush is a pioneer and leader in copy trade technology for the Binary Options market.
SignalPush is not a broker, it only provides a platform to connect signals providers and traders.

Q: Does this mean that you can have access to my broker’s account?

A: No, we as a service provider don’t have any visibility on the subscriber’s account. Only the highly secure SignalPush app installed on your PC will have access to the account in order to copy the trades. The software doesn’t have any other privileges besides copying trades. For example it cannot access the admin area or request withdraws, etc.

Q: How much does your service cost?

A: We offer 3 subscription packages, at the cost of $99.99/month, $199.99/month, and $499.99/month respectively. All three subscriptions will get you all the trades, but the maximum  size for each trade is limited to 100 units for the basic subscription, 250 units for the intermediate subscription, and 1000 units for the top subscription. A unit is either a US dollar, British Pound or Euro, depending on what currency your broker is configured to.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: SignalPush gives you the option to receive a free month of our signals, for terms and conditions of the offer visit this page, should that not be clear please submit a clarification request on their contact form.
Alternatively our Direct Signals service comes with a 3 Months unconditional trial period, during which you can use your broker on either real money mode or virtual money mode, for details see our dedicated page.

Q: How do you make a profit?

A: We profit from the revenue generated by the subscriptions, Signalpush will take a small share of each subscription to cover their costs

Q: What Broker should I use?

A: In order to receive our trades copied in real time, you will need an account with CTOption.

Q: Are you affiliated with the broker?

A: No we are not, our revenue only comes from the subscriptions, and we only make a profit if our subscribers do.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on your service?

A: Our warranty is limited to the subscription cost. If at the end of each month our winning rate hasn’t been at least 60%, the following month will be discounted by 70%.

Q: How many trades per week can I expect?

A: On most weeks we will generate between 10 and 20 trades. We previously used to generate 30+ trades each week, but this has changed at the end of March 2016, following a negative quarter. Highly volatile markets caused by world events made it increasing difficult to trade at certain times of the day, which were previously profitable. We now focus exclusively on those trading hours that have proved to be profitable on most months. Our results since that moment speak for themselves.

Q: What is your trading style?

A: Our strategies have been developed and fine tuned over several years, but in a nutshell we trade based on short time mean reversion during low volatility. Currently we only trade the GBPJPY pair with 10 minutes expirations.

Q: If I sign up, what are my expectations of making a profit?

A: Binary Options, or any other type of investment for that matter, involves a certain degree of risk. There is no absolute guarantee of success, and a small risk of losing the capital will always exist.
Having said that, our strategies have so far proved to be consistently profitable on the long run, assuming good money management is always adhered to.

Q: What’s “Good Money Management”? — THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE !!!

A: It may mean different things for different traders. For us it means not investing more than 2% of your capital on any single trade. There is however an important rule, the trade size should not be changed when you are in a negative period, only change it when you are moving forward. To put it in different words, only increase the trade size when you reach a new peak in your capital size, then never decrease it, just keep it consistent until a new peak is reached again, and so on.

Before you get started you should decide what capital percentage you are comfortable to trade with. The industry suggests various amounts ranging for 1% to 5%, we recommend to never exceed 2.5%.
For this example lets use a capital size of 2% for each trade. Lets assume we have a starting capital of $1000, we would set an initial trade size of $20 (2%).

If for example the first 2 days of trading are positive, you won 4 trades in a row and the account has grown lets say to $1056, you should then increase the trade size to $21 (so it remains at 2%)

If instead the first few days of trading are negative, you lost 4 trades in a row and your account decreased to $920, you should not change the trading amount but keep it to the original $20, until it returns to positive.

When trading binary options there will always be bad periods followed by good periods, the account size will at times shrink to some degree, but historically speaking it will always bounce back and reach a new high. So when you are in a downturn you only need to be patient and consistent, and wait for a new peak, and only then increase the trade size again.

Q: What should I look for when choosing a signal provider?

We suggest investors not to “have all their eggs in one basket”. We believe it’s important to diversify your investments, so if one doesn’t work out the others will help to limit the damage. We have no issues if our subscribers follow other signal providers as well, we even encourage it.

Unfortunately the Binary Options industry is plagued by scammers of all sorts, who will blatantly lie about their capability and give people false hopes just for their own profit, so when selecting a signal provider there are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. If a provider claims to have an ongoing win rate greater than 70%, then be suspicious! Very few traders can maintain an ongoing win rate greater than 65% over the long distance. An ongoing win rate of 65% is extremely profitable, assuming a good volume of trades each month.
  2. There are some traders out there with great ITM results, but they only execute a couple of trades each month. Even though they may look very appealing in the charts, they will only be beneficial if you are a big roller who can afford a substantial amount of money on each trade. It’s much more profitable to follow a provider who generates 40 signals per month with a Win rate of 62%, than a provider who only generates 5 signals per month with a Win rate of 70%.
  3. Beware of signal providers who use progressions (Martingale), a few of them use it wisely and may be profitable, but the majority just try to get an easy shot to stardom, and sometimes make it there briefly, before dropping down to the bottom of the charts.