CMSignals Affiliate Agreement

CMSignals Affiliate Agreement

This page contains explanations and rules concerning CMSignals “Affiliate Program”, also referred to as “Referral Program”.
The “Affiliate Program” is exclusive to the “Direct Signal Service” provided by CMSignals. This “Affiliate Program” DOES NOT APPLY to the “SignalPush Service”, also provided by CMSignals on the SignalPush platform.

Description of the Parties Involved, as mentioned in this agreement:

The “Service” is the “Direct Signals Service” provided by CMSignals.
The “Service Provider” is “CMSignals”, also referred to as “Chocolate Mousse Binary Signals”, this is the entity managing the “Direct Signal Service” as well as the “Affiliate Program”.
The “Affiliate” is an individual who refers another individual (the “Subscriber”) to the “Service” provided by the “Service Provider”.
The “Subscriber” is an individual who is referred by another individual (the “Affiliate”) to the “Service” provided by the “Service Provider”.

Permitted forms of promotion

– The preferred form of promotion for the “Service” is word of mouth between family and friends, ideally to people genuinely interested in a second income stream opportunity
– It is permitted to perform Online (Pay-Per-Click) advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Facebook. It’s however not permitted to use the name “CMSignals” or “Chocolate Mousse”, or to make promises of revenue, or guarantees of any type.
– All other types of online advertisement (Banners, links, other pay-per-click programs, etc) are subject to pre-approval by the “Service Provider”.
– Email advertisement is permitted, but EXCLUSIVELY to recipients who have opted-in to receive information from the “Affiliate”, or who are well-known to the “Affiliate” and keen to receive such information.

Forms of Promotion that are NOT PERMITTED

– It is NOT PERMITTED to perform EMAIL advertising by using Cold Email lists, Purchased Email lists, or any list that is not genuinely opt-in, and legally owned by the “Affiliate”.
– It is NOT PERMITTED Cold-Calling landlines or mobile phone numbers.
– It is NOT PERMITTED to send SMS to people who are not well-known by the “Affiliate”, or not keen to receive such information
– It is NOT PERMITTED to perform any sort of advertising that is illegal in the country of residence of the Affiliate, or in countries targeted by the Affiliate advertising campaigns.
– It is NOT PERMITTED to use the names “CMSignals”, “Chocolate Mousse” (or any variations of such names) in online campaigns.
– It is NOT PERMITTED to do anything that may damage the “Service Provider” reputation or business.
– It is NOT PERMITTED to do anything that may create legal liabilities to the “Service Provider”. The service providers accepts no liability for damage caused by actions committed by the “Affiliate”.

Description of an “Active Affiliate”

An “Active Affiliate” is an “Affiliate” who is currently subscribed to the “Service”, either in a free trial mode or as a paying subscriber.
An “Affiliate” is no longer considered Active if a paid subscription has not been purchased within 30 days from the end of the free trail period.
An “Affiliate” is also no longer considered Active if a monthly paid subscription is not renewed within 30 days from the expiration of the previous subscription.

Description of “Commission”

The “Commission” is the ongoing payment made to the “Affiliate” by the “Service Provider” in exchange for the referral of a “Subscriber” to the “Service”. The commission value is generally described as 50% of the revenue from the subscription, there are however factors that may alter this amount to some degree, as described in more details below.

Description of “Subscription Month”

A “Subscription Month” is a time period of one month from the last subscription’s payment date. In the case of a free trial, the “Subscription Month” is based on the day the trial account was first setup.

Important information regarding affiliate payments

– The “Service” is only available to Active Affiliates. Once an “Affiliate” is no longer active, all rights to the “Affiliate Program” will cease, including any current and future commissions.
– The “Service Provider” will pay to the “Affiliate” 50% of the monthly subscription fee paid by the “Subscriber”.
– The payments will be ongoing for as long as the “Subscriber” remains a paid subscriber, and the “Affiliate” remains Active.
– The “Commission” is based on the actual money amount received by the “Service Provider”, this amount can be less than the amount paid by the “Subscriber”, due to merchant fees, currency conversions, and other factors.
– Any merchant and currency conversion fees incurred during the transfer of commission money from the “Service Provider” to the “Affiliate”, will be automatically deducted by the merchant from the commission amount.
– As a result of the two points above, the total “Commission” received by the “Affiliate” may be less than 50% of the full subscription fee paid by the “Subscriber”.
– A “Commission” is paid through PayPal to the email address nominated by the “Affiliate”.
– A “Commission” is paid between 30 and 40 days from the date when the “Subscriber” paid to the “Service Provider” a subscription fee. This time frame is required because the “Service Provider” has a refund policy. When the number of winning trades generated by the “Service” during a “Subscription Month” are less than 60% of the total number of trades generated by the “Service” during the “Subscription Month”, the “Service Provider” will refund the subscription fee to the “Subscriber”.
– Due to the refund policy described above, when the winning trades for the “Subscription Month” are lower than 60%, no commission is paid to the “Affiliate”.
– Also when the ongoing winning results (from the date the subscriber joined the service) is less than 60%, no commission is paid to the “Affiliate”, until such ongoing winning results reaches or exceeds 60%. This applies even if the current “Subscription Month” has a winning rate greater than 60%

Dispute Resolution

The “Affiliate” is welcome to contact the “Service Provider” if he disagrees with any aspect of the “Affiliate Program”, such as if he believes that a referred individual has not been correctly allocated, or that a payment is incorrect or missing.
The “Service provider” will make an effort to investigate the issue, and to resolve it wherever possible.

In case the dispute persists, the decision of the “Signal Provider” is final.


The “Affiliate” can terminate his participation in the “Affiliate Program” at any time.
The “Affiliate” participation in the “Affiliate Program” will be terminated by default if the “Affiliate” becomes inactive, and remains inactive for over 30 days.
Once the “Affiliate” participation in the “Affiliate Program” is terminated, commissions will no longer be paid.
The “Service Provider” will preserve a link between the “Affiliate” and his referred subscribers for 2 months after becoming inactive. If the “Affiliate” becomes active again within this time period, the commissions will be reinstated from that point onward.

The “Service Provider” reserves the right to terminate the “Affiliate” participation in the “Affiliate Program” in any (but not limited to) of the following scenarios:

– The “Affiliate” breaches one of more of the conditions described in this Agreement.
– The broker no longer allows the “Signal Provider” to offer the “Service”
– The “Service provider” decides to discontinue the “Direct Signal Service”.

In the case that the “Service provider” voluntarily decides to discontinue the “Direct Signal Service”, it will make all the efforts to pay any outstanding commissions for the “Current Month” to the “Affiliate”.